Hospital Bag

Hey everyone! 

Totally wanted to get this post up BEFORE baby Lou came, but alas, he came 8 days early and here we are. Probably better since the experience is fresh in my mind and I have some pretty strong feelings about what you do and don't need to bring to the hospital.

First off here are some things that don't need links, you've got them at home, and you should definitely bring them with you to the hospital.

  • SNACKS - Try to eat something substantial before you go to the hospital but also bring some of your favorite, energy boosting snacks with you for before, during and after birth. I can't tell you how many Milano cookies I ate during our 2 days at the hospital.
  • Your own pillow - Hospital pillows are terrible. And anything you can bring to make yourself feel more at home, bring it! 
  • Your favorite can or little bottle of wine/beer/champage - Most rooms have refrigerators, most hospitals don't allow alcohol. Be sneaky, you damn well deserve it Mama. CHEERS.
  • Chapstick - BRING IT.

OK, now onto some of the things I bought specifically for the hospital. Descriptions Below!

  • Anything and everything that is going to make MAMA feel pampered. Those first few days are ROUGH on your body (Let's be honest, first few weeks). This time around I splurged on some face and body items that really made me feel like a whole new woman after giving birth. I've linked some of my favorite body scrubs, oils, face mists etc. 
  • Nursing Pillow - If you are planning on using a nursing pillow at home (PLEASE DO, you need all the help you can get in this area) bring it to the hospital. Those first days of nursing are crucial and you can easily meet with a lactation consulting while you are at the hospital and they can go over different holds and positions and show you how to best use your pillow. Even if you think things are going amazing with breast feeding, please see a consultant while you are there, they are PRO's and are only there to help.
  • Earth Mama Nipple Butter - Don't ask questions, buy it. You will thank me later.
  • I'm obsessed with these Baggu Pouches, perfect for keeping this massive list organized. 
  • Cozy (stylish) Sweats - I'm obsessed with these from Free People, have lived in them since they arrived.
  • ROBES - splurge on cozy robes, nursing friendly, skin to skin friendly, oh so comfortable. A must.
  • Going home outfit for baby - Be sure to get something extremely soft and cozy as well as easy to put on. It doesn't get any softer than Hanna Andersson's pima cotton, They have blankets and hats as well, snag some socks while you're at it. PRO TIP, no one knows how big or small your baby is going to be...people will guess, people will be wrong. Bring a few sizes so you're prepared!

Ok guys, I know this sounds crazy, but that's it. That's all you need. The hospital provides everything else, don't bog yourself down with things like diapers and wipes and swaddles, you're paying the hospital A LOT of money to provide you with all of that stuff and everything else you need.