Devon + Bud

You know that you are in for a good shoot when you plan on breaking a few laws along the way. We did a bit of trespassing, lit some fireworks and created a few parking spots of our own, but in the end; we didn't get caught and the results were pretty fabulous! Bud and Devon are such beautiful people and I the best time shooting with them, we ended the night with a full blown dance party! (sparklers included) ... I cannot wait for their wedding but for now, enjoy a few shots from their engagement session!

Becky + Dany

I met Dany and Becky at the Performing Arts Center in Costa Mesa last Monday and the location was just perfect for their modern taste.  These two have a pretty incredible story, they moved from New Jersey to California after only dating for a few months, they had an idea and just went for it! And here they are two years later, posing for engagement photos, planning their wedding, and starting their own business. These are two people that know how to make things happen and have a blast while doing it. We definitely got some rad candid shots, thanks to Dany who kept  BOLTING from a few photos, he surprised me more than a few times. We ended the shoot with the whole family, their pug Harley and their chiweeni (appropriately named: Jersey). I was lucky to meet such a rad couple and wish them the best of luck in the future! Enjoy the photos...


Jen + Kyle

This shoot was not your average engagement shoot. Jen is a very creative lady and is involved in all aspects of planning her wedding, the things she comes up with will blow your mind, she has wedding planning in her blood and as beyond talented! So when it came to choosing a location for the engagement shoot, she was all over it! She found an incredible lake in Corona that seemed to have acres upon acres of rolling grassy hills full of wildflowers---yes please!... only problem is that it turned out a bit differently then it was portrayed online.... The green grassy hills and wild flowers where no where to be found and in there place... a bunch of trailer homes....

But we had a lake, beautiful light, a rowboat, lanterns and one damn cute couple, who needs rolling grassy hills?!... It doesn't matter where you are shooting when two people love each other as much as Jen and Kyle do! And poor Kyle definitely got a work-out rowing us around the ENTIRE lake, this man can ROW... I absolutely adore these two and cannot W A I T for their wedding next year...Enjoy the photos (A LOT of work went into them, just ask Kyle!).


Autumn + Dan

I was so happy this past weekend to finally get the chance to shoot Autumn and Dan's engagement photos! These two are pretty much as cute as it gets when it comes to couples and I cannot wait for their big day, it is going to be one big P A R T Y! I played softball with Autumn in high school and always admired her so much growing up, so glad that her big day is around the corner and that she has found such a wonderful person to spend the rest of her life with. The day of the shoot was my first time meeting Dan but he is just one of those guys that you feel like you've known him your whole life without even catching his last name.... Here are a few goodies from the shoot, enjoy!